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Law student Chris Moore is an urban daredevil who gets his kicks from racing across rooftops. When a secret organization approaches him with proof that he is actually the son of a legendary international crimefighter called The Phantom, he is thrust into a world he never knew existed - a world of exotic islands, secret lairs and a heritage that borders on royalty. Reimagined and reloaded, the classic superhero is upgraded for the 21st century with a new, state-of-the-art costume and a newly formed rivalry against some of the most techno-savvy villains to ever terrorize the world! It's explosive action and nonstop adventure from start to finish as The Phantom comes to life.
The box promised sci-fi, tons of action, and a young and dashing hero, and all that in the name of the good old Phantom, and then there was the name of Isabella Rossellini to boot, so I purchased this mini-series without any hesitation. Boy, was I disappointed! It&#39;s like watching an outstretched (3 hours!) episode of some adventurous sitcom on some children&#39;s TV-channel: this movie does not rise above the level of 12 year old schoolboys.<br/><br/>We of course know The Phantom and his history. Here they tried to use the old story in an updated, nowadays fashion: we get high tech 007-like gadgets, a new Phantom-outfit, some 21th century political context (Middle East conflict) and and abundant use of cell-phones. So okay, there&#39;s nothing wrong with upgrading and actualizing an old concept, at least if it&#39;s well done. <br/><br/>Well, it isn&#39;t. It&#39;s like everything and everyone in this movie is made into a caricature: the characters, the action-scenes, the plot, the scenery, the script, everything! Even Isabella Rossellini (how badly did she need THAT pay-check?!?) is changed into an ugly, whining and disinterestedly bad-acting old hag. The bad guy is a scream: it&#39;s Bollywood on it&#39;s cheesiest, and his supposedly fearsome Sing-brotherhood consists of a dozen or so timid ladies and gentlemen that sit dullfuly around a conference-table and look like frightened rabbits in a suit and tie. The Phantom&#39;s loyal servant is equally bloodless and irksome. The high-tech Phantom-suit that everyone is raving about, looks like your plain old motorcycle suit, including the helmet and eye-shades. The cave where the Phantom lives, located on some deserted tropical island, looks hilarious, like something that you could build in your back yard and use for flowerpots. Outside there is this small circle-shaped arena (where at one moment out of the blue a bunch of savage natives appear who attack poor Kit only to cheer him afterwards because it was some sort of weird test) and inside we are made to believe that it conceals a vast area of high-tech scientific facilities and dozens of workers in appropriate white coats, who appear to be terribly busy with running around, watching big monitors and frantically typing things on their computer keyboards as if the world depends on it (so they seem to think).<br/><br/>And Kit (actor Ryan Carnes)? Well, he sure is good looking and athletic and charming enough to make a convincing go for it, but the script is so bad and the things they make him say and do are so painfully stupid that he doesn&#39;t stand a fair chance. The supporting cast (a bunch of nitwitty technicians on both sides) is sadly amateurish. The only ones that come out unharmed are Cameron Goodman as the love-interest, she&#39;s beautiful and a good actress and strong personality; and Sandrine Holt as some sort of Phantom&#39;s assistant, she&#39;s a fascinating classical beauty and her part is so unrewarding, with only some loitering in the background and looking very understanding and wise, that there was hardly any possibility to go wrong there. <br/><br/>There is a plot: the bad guy and his sinister brotherhood (the dull conference-table!) are trying to plunge the world into chaos and war by scheming up some far fetched conspiracy, (but why they do this, is beyond me!), while the good guys (Kit and his unpronounceable Phantom-brotherhood) are trying to prevent this. It takes a few car-pursuits, some fights and one explosion, but then all&#39;s well again. Except that the loyal servant is exposed as a con (wow: the Unavoidable Twist!) and rises from his supposed death to join the enemy as their new leader. The end.<br/><br/>I&#39;m sorry, this movie is bull. And the biggest disappointment: it takes itself way too serious, there isn&#39;t even a hint of humor or tongue-in-cheekness. My advice: try the 1996 version by director Simon Wincer: it&#39;s far superior by every account, the story, the acting, the wonderful 1920&#39;s setting, the campy atmosphere and above all: the fun in it!
I never knew the old Phantom before, so I watched this with an open mind, I usually know nothing of the movies I&#39;m about to watch not even genre. I kinda guessed that this was a comic-book adaptation and i was right.<br/><br/>Okay, so this is a B-flick. the characters are neither very deep nor engaging, the actresses are, while nice, not really very stunning. Everything breathes second rate.<br/><br/>But what is really disturbing is this trend that remakes of old 70s themed movies, comic books, TV shows turn out to be slightly racist, in it&#39;s casting and in the story lines.<br/><br/>The evil villain here is Singh. Singh is probably the most common of names in India, like Smith or Lopez or Popov. And in the cast, to replace Guran, an African with an Asian woman??? I like pretty girls as much as anyone, but this is part of a worrying trend that started with Battle Star Galactica, when they replaced colonel Thigh with a white guy.<br/><br/>I guess we have to be thankful that B.A. Barracus isn&#39;t some Bubba from Alabama in the new A-Team movie.<br/><br/>The Melancholic Alcoholic.

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